25 Nature Videos 

Still frames from video

This video installation is a collage created with an assemblage of archival materials. My motivation in using found footage originates from living in an era of information overload. We are bombarded daily with images, therefore in this piece I wish to regurgitate them into a new meaning; which may simply be that there is no meaning at all, only the desire to further understand ourselves through the images which surround us.

The materials meet and create a new scene, and through their broken relationships they portray a new semi-abstract image.
The composition devours the information and through digital means of mixing and combining the original video practically disappears leaving its remains buried under each other.

The images are all of nature, due to my preoccupation with its history and the way man represents the natural world in the moving image. We won’t see humans in the video, only their gaze and the outcome of our own existence; implicating the question of man's domination over the natural and the distance growing between man and his own nature.