Natalie Feldesman, born in 1985, USA, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Member of ‘Alfred Cooperative Institue for Art and Culture, Tel Aviv. 

Graduated from the Department of Screen Based Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2013).

Winner of a studio scholarship at the ‘Gabirol Artists House’ from the City of Tel Aviv and BIT in 2015 and the Rabinovich Fund for Project Funding in 2015 and 2018.

A multidisciplinary artist, who creates site-specific environments including video, sound, drawing, ready made and sculpture.

High school art, art history teacher and creates live video art performances for music and theater.
Artist Statement

My work focuses on creating spaces and places where there is no narrative sequence, where past-present-future encounters take place, involving an encounter between light and darkness, between natural and synthetic and between the alien and the familiar.

I am looking for the range of these realities, the intersection of primordial consciousness, intuitive versus the "logical" conception of contemporary reality. For example, I like to think about what we will leave humanity in the future, what fossils they will find and what they will think of us. I look at our time from the outside: our habits of consumption, violence, human and nature relations, and our relationship with death and our own humanity. 

In the spaces I create, an apocalyptic aspect is present - futuristic, earthly materialism coupled with foreign and neon colors, through which I seek to create a multi layered, hyper-colored experience exploring the connections between human creativity and technology, centering on the connections between light and sound, ancient and futuristic, real and vurtual.