Snake in the Garden
6 minute video

In the video a snake in the garden, i created a supernatural fantasy, a game where a number of stories combine into a new mythology.

While editing I weaved different symbols, rough digital animations in which I breathed life. Through these images I wish to portray a contemporary gaze on a timeless theme.

The main character in the video is the snake, a symbol of the the primal sin in the book of Genesis, as well as the Empress of Hades, from which she emerges by crawling. Her mark is evident in mountains, forests, sea and springs. Everywhere she creates life, and when she kills, she also resurrects. She is a symbol of fear for many, but also of transformation and healing. 
The video moves at a meditative pace, as does the earth around the sun, slow but loyal.

The network of signs mixes and creates a new meaning: it is the story of the primal sin which repeats itself over and over again throughout history and embodies the source of human suffering.